Gratitude and Growth Mindset Puzzle Book for Kids


Gratitude and Growth Mindset Puzzle Book for Kids

Product Description

Discover a Fun-Filled Activity Book With Over 160+ Pages of Puzzles That Teach Kids About Gratitude and Growth Mindset!

Are you searching for a fun and engaging activity book packed with mazes, crosswords, coloring pages, sudoku, and more? Looking for a brilliant teaching aid to introduce kids to the value of growth mindset and gratitude through puzzles? If so, this book is for you!

Written by a Canadian elementary school teacher, Rachel Ollen, this book is packed with puzzles and activities that introduce kids to various essential emotional well-being concepts. Designed with a special focus on growth mindset and gratitude, the book teaches children to embrace positivity as they complete each activity, including cultivating emotional skills and expressing themselves through journaling.

Ideal for children who are new to journaling and those who have tried journaling before, the Gratitude and Growth Mindset Puzzle Book for Kids offers a wide range of puzzles and activities to spark children’s imagination and challenge their brains.

Book Details:

·       Written for Kids Aged 5 -10

·       Features Mazes, Dot-To-Dot Puzzles, Spot the Difference, Word Searches, Crosswords, Crack the Code, and More!

·       Includes Valuable Gratitude Journal Pages and Mindfulness Exercises

·       Promotes Kindness, Positivity, and Emotional Well-Being

·       A Great Gift for Your Child, Grandchild, Niece, or Nephew

·       Provides Hours Upon Hours of Fun!

If you’re searching for an amazing activity book that introduces kids to important lessons about the concept of growth mindset and gratitude, you’ve come to the right place.

Start teaching your children the value of growth mindset and gratitude today!

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